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Tangentyere Landcare's Land & Learning project is an environmental education program for Aboriginal children in central Australian communities. The Land & Learning program teaches traditional indigenous knowledge and 'western' science, and links to the NT Curriculum Framework.
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Land & Learning project officers work intensively with three or more schools each year. Together with Aboriginal community elders we do activities based around themes of animals , plants , water and fire. The aim is for children to learn about their country and how it has changed since the arrival of Europeans, and to introduce contemporary land management concepts.

We have developed an extensive activities book based on the above themes. This book can be used by itself or in conjunction with Tangentyere's award winning video 'Just Do It!' The video introduces the themes using puppets and footage of communities dealing with environmental issues.

The Land & Learning activity book is linked to the NT curriculum making it easy for teachers to pick up the program. The book is invaluable to anyone teaching in Aboriginal community schools. It can be used as a guide for an entire environmental/natural science program, or dipped into for individual activities and ideas. This activities book focuses on the central Australian environment, but could easily be adapted to other environments.

‘Aboriginal Land Management’ is the third video/DVD for landcare made by Tangentyere.
Aboriginal communities need to know how weeds and feral animals are threatening native animals and plants and what can be done about it.
‘Aboriginal Land Management’ looks at the damage caused by weeds and feral animals in central Australia and how some community ranger groups are working now to stop this damage.
The DVD is available from Tangentyere Lancare.

Tangentyere project officers provide advice and resources to all schools interested in the Land & Learning program. The Land & Learning activities book and other resources are available to schools free of charge. There is a charge of $25.00 for the 'Just Do It!' video. The project has been principally funded by the Natural Heritage Trust and Family and Community Services.

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