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Welcome to our School!

Adelaide River School was originally opened in 1950 and moved to its present location in 1956. The construction of an admin block, canteen and library was completed in 1994. The school has two teaching staff and the groundsman/janitor. The school council also manages the cleaning contract. A Sports and Recreation Officer employed by Coomalie Council provides two PE lessons a week to the students. A local relief teacher is employed each week to provide teacher non-contact time.

Students continue their secondary education at Batchelor Area School, to which there is a subsidised daily bus. Alternatively, secondary students attend boarding school, either in Darwin or interstate.

Adelaide River Primary School Council is fully developed and provides impetus in the school for community/parent involvement and local school self management.

Accommodation and living conditions
There are three houses for teacher accommodation. The Principal's house is alongside the school. The other two houses are a three bedroom ground level house and a two bedroom duplex unit. Both are located within half a kilometre from the school. The town has a Post Office, General Store, Police Station, Fire Station, three petrol outlets, Health Clinic and Hotel.

Curriculum Priorities

  • Strong behaviour management expectations across all classes and in the playground.
  • Numeracy and literacy focus in accordance with school and TEGS policies.
  • Internal school assessments combined with National Benchmark assessment via NAP tests.
  • Environmental education across the school, with a major focus in the upper years on environment, Water Watch, Land Care and Tidy Towns, vegetable gardening, conservation and preservation.
  • Information technology use across the curriculum.

Adelaide River is a small town approximately 112 kms from Darwin on the Stuart Highway. The school is located on the banks of the Adelaide River on Memorial Terrace. The climate is tropical monsoonal with a hot, humid wet season and a milder dry season.

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