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Katherine South Primary School is dedicated to creating and supporting a challenging, respectful, and safe learning environment where the uniqueness of each individual is valued. Katherine South is one of four Lighthouse Schools in the Northern Territory. Lighthouse Schools promote best teaching and learning practices for students and teachers.


Katherine South Primary School is located along Riverbank Drive in Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia.

The school comprises of 3 main teaching blocks as well as having an administration area and a well resourced library. A thinking and learning centre is located next to the library that contains 10 computers. The two pre-schools are located off the school premises with one located at Tindal.

Terms and conditions for working in Katherine town schools can be found on the 'Teaching in the Territory' website.

The curriculum of the school features a literature based language program, wide classroom use of computers and excursions. All children have daily fitness and the school offers students the chance to learn musical instruments in senior grades. Mathematics is activity based and the school is increasing its emphasis upon hands-on Science. All classes have access to computers which are incorporated into the learning programs within the school.

At Katherine South Primary School, excellence is everyone's responsibility. We value diversity and creativity, reward courage and risk-taking, and show respect for one another. We set and adhere to rigorous academic standards and recognise that learning is on going and not limited by school walls. Our students are confident, responsible, and committed. They care for themselves, for others, and for the world around them. In our school and in our community, we learn together. We will be advocates for all learners, all of the time. We are here to work with our parents and community to provide the best education possible for our students.

As a Lighthouse School we are continually striving to implement the latest educational philosophies and use computers to their fullest potential. Staff professional development focuses on these areas. Practicums are held at Katherine South to in-service other staff from the region. All staff have the opportunity to present and be involved in the running and planning of these practicums.

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